Caroline Jean’s paintings are part of a certain style of expressionism in which gesture is as significant as color. They are created with rigor and exert a strong presence that attracts the viewer into peculiar atmospheres that are at times friendly, other times tense and even disturbing.

The artworks are constructed strongly from diversified interventions where the colors mainly work on different levels. The expression is amplified not only by the tonality but also by the right color treatment. The overall scheme of colours and tones in her painting are precisely set by the affects emerging from her face-to-faces with her models. The singularity of the model and the vivacity is also very important. The encounter. The impression left. The affects retained as a consequence of what become next, the painting.

The face to face concept is absolutely necessary in my creative process to help me capture their essence – to set the tone. No meetups with models to paint portraits today is only a representation of the representation of their image. Singularity and vivacity in my work is having those face-to-face encounters.

In addition of having replaced the sketches, the video sequence is now developed like an image bank in which she withdraw both inspiration and information. For her, painting portrait today is peeling the layers off and her creative process is a singular manner of facing the vertiginous, paradoxical and intertwined affects of the being towards its condition, upon love and beyond its self-image.

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